Friday, February 29, 2008

We Have Clippage!

After months of baldness--fifteen to be exact--my daughter finally has enough hair for a clippy! Sure, I have to shellac her little hairs together with my husband's hair gel, but it works. And I'm glad. I've told my husband hundreds of times that as soon as Anna has enough hair, I'll go clippy crazy. And sure enough, I have.
Maybe now all of the people we meet will stop calling her "Little Fella" and "boy" (even when she's wearing so much pink my husband complains about it, she's still a little fella!!!) *sigh* Probably not. Wishful thinking.
Bow photo added for comic relief. :)

*edited to remove photo*

Thursday, February 28, 2008

New blog finally... wild child on lap.

I've come to the conclusion my daughter is a monkey... she's not furry... although she was pretty fuzzy at birth. She climbs... constantly, she often makes sounds that do not sound like human language in any way. (Pause, chase child away from mouse!) I often wonder when that particular time of conception occurred.... I do not drink(chase child away from keyboard) alcohol of any kind, I do not do illegal drugs.... the strongest drug I do is Tylenol every so often... so when did I meet my monkey man and create a monkey baby with him? I do not know. I am absolutely stumped. However... I do find joy in knowing that my monkey baby... if she ever gets out of hand... can be threatened with living with her real family at the zoo.... but she's pretty good and isn't hard to (chases baby away from mouse again) watch after.... so I think I'll keep her. And the zoo will remain a field trip instead of a visiting session of some sort (Pause, sit child down).
*edited to remove photo*