Friday, June 3, 2011

19 Weeks and Grad School

How far along? 19 Weeks
Weight gain/loss: N/A
Wardrobe? I'm currently lounging in a pair of yoga pants and a black exercise top. In the picture above I am wearing a pair of size 9 non-maternity slacks (usually swimming on me), a black tank top and a non-maternity top. I was getting ready for my grad school interview.
Stretch marks? Nothin' new.
Sleep? So far it has been restful, but lacking.
Best Anna/Baby moment this week? In the above pictures, I asked Paul to snap some photos. Anna was very excited about being in the pictures. She wanted to be in all of them and touch my belly. Gosh, I have a lovely daughter.
Boy or girl? We find out in 6 days! (June 9th)
Belly button in or out? Innie.
Movement? Lots of kicks to my cervix. You know that's fun, right?
Nausea: Done! Although, there have been times where I've eaten something and not finished because it tastes awful to me.
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, kicking, feeling like a small house... Good times. :)

On an unrelated note...
Yesterday (the day of the above photos), I had an interview for graduate school. The interview went splendidly. The lady who interviewed me told me that I have a personality of someone who would pursue a doctorate and asked why I wasn't applying for that program! That boosted my confidence. I know I can do well in the program... I'm a total geek and I can't get enough psychology... but I guess I have low confidence in myself sometimes. I didn't think I could do well enough to pursue a doctorate. That's a five-year program... how old would I be? 32? Goodness... that would take a while. With the MA program, I'll be done in 2 years flat. I'm sure once I'm done with this program, I'll crave the PhD. For now, though, I think this is the next step that I need to take. I will find out if I've been accepted into the program on June 17th.

Also, Paul's job is looking hopeful... We're praying he gets it. Things are looking up!!!

As for Anna, her preschool picnic is tomorrow and on Monday, we'll be attending her class trip to the zoo. This will be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to getting a peek into her little world and meeting all of the friends she talks about. :)