Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blast from the Past

(Above) Geek Day at NU... actually, it was COLLEGE then. I'm second from the left. These girls rock.

(Above) I'm somewhere on the right. Camo day?

(Above) Some of the girls on my floor. I was not pictured.

BIRTHDAY TWINS! I had totally forgotten what this was all about until about a second ago, but this was my birthday and Kortney's birthday (the other girl holding the cake). October 5, 2003

Don't you love social networking? One of the girls who was on my floor my freshman year of college posted these photos. Wow! I do not even remember some of these things! It was six years ago now. Yikes! I've been in school way too long. Actually, I've taken lots of breaks to be a mommy and marry Paul. hee :)