Saturday, December 27, 2008

Scale's Not Broken

I discovered today that I lost some weight. Actually, I knew that I had because my jeans were loose and I was fitting into jeans I had once called "unwearable" because of being too small. I stepped onto the scale at the family get-together tonight and when I read it I laughed and said that it was broken. WAY broken. But then Paul stepped on it and said that yeah, it was broken because it made him look ten pounds heavier than when he last weighed himself. I gave him a look. He always thinks he weighs less than he actually does and often blames it on the scale. LOL. And the second issue with that was that I thought it made me way too light. That didn't make sense. See what I mean? The last time I weighed myself I weighed 127. I think sometime after that I thought it said 125 or I assumed I weighed 125 because of my loose-fitting jeans. The truth of it all was that the scale said I weighed 120!!! O.o The last time I weighed that much was when I was a freshman in college. Actually, I'm pretty sure I weighed 127 when I gave blood that year... so it had to have been at the beginning of that year. It couldn't have been in high school. I was a stick in high school and I exercised a lot and ate very little... So I honestly don't know when I last weighed 120. It's kind of insane. But I'm wondering when my sweet tooth will return, or I'll have another child, or Anna will wean and I'll gain b/c of not burning so many calories with her, etc, etc, etc, and I'll no longer weigh this little. So, I'll just enjoy it for now! =)

Edit: If you're wondering how tall I am, I'm 5'1 3/4"

Edit: That puts me at a BMI of 21.9, or a "Normal" weight range.


We had a great time at the family get-together. We saw Chloe (7 months) and Justin (18 months)... they're so cute. Anna had a great time running around, fighting over toys with Justin, and being terrorized by the dog. She kept turning around and saying, "No, Dog!" LOL! She's a very assertive little girl when she wants to be! Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos, but we did get video. I'll have to upload it soon! Maybe I'll find time to mix a Christmas Video with all of the footage we got for Christmas.

Christmas Party

Tonight is the Smith Family Christmas Party (That's Paul's mom's side of the family). It was postponed due to the snow. Which is almost completely melted off now. Outside it's raining. I actually missed the rain. The snow was such a hassle. But now, of course, there is so much slush and water in the parking lot. It soaks my shoes within a few seconds. I have no idea why the property management never cleared out the parking lot. Now it's such a mess!

Anna will get to see her cousins, which will be nice. One is a six month old (or so) little girl, the other is a little boy just about six months younger than Anna herself. Then there's a ten year old little girl that Anna followed around last year. I'm sure they'll be inseparable this year.

I'll update. Apparently we're leaving at noon and I haven't even had a shower yet!