Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Disneyland

These are photos of our trip to Disneyland in February 08. My parents received a settlement after my brother's death and we decided to spend it as a family with a trip to D-Land. Click to Enlarge.

Anna and mommy on the carousel x2, our family with a giant bug from A Bug's Life, Anna on Snow White's stoop.

Anna and me with Pooh at the character breakfast, Daddy and Anna with Eeyore, Nephew Cade with Chip or Dale (don't know which is which), Capt. Hook threatening my nephew Cade.

L-R/T-B: Anna, Anna and Pluto, Anna and daddy X2.

Anna on the big A of CALIFORNIA, Anna and me with my nephew Cade on the rocket rides... won't do that again!, Anna with her Daisy Duck, Standing in line for the Rocket Ride.

Back to front: Me with my arms in the air, my nephew Cade, hubby Paul, sister Jen.

Anna on Goofy's I think Mickey's chair, playing on Goofy's Piano... she LOVED it!, Anna and Daddy... one of my most favorite photos of them together, Anna on the piano again.

Anna and me with Alice... the only character she wasn't afraid of, Daddy and Anna with Chip or Dale... she was afraid of him, Anna and me with Minnie... Anna was afraid of their big masks, Paul, Anna, my nephew Case and niece Alayna.


Grrr! My hubby always seems to leave around tacks, same with the rest of the family (MIL, FIL, Brothers in law...) and whenever Anna finds a tack, do you know what she does? She puts the sharp point up to her eye and says, "Eye! Eye!" Why does she think those things go in her eye!?