Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Flu =(

Flu, flu, go away. Come again some other day, although preferably never again.

Anna was sick from Saturday until yesterday, Monday. And now I'm sick. So sorry, if my blog has been a tad lonely this week. The good side is, that I just feel awful and haven't thrown up, just come close to it. Which is much better than actually throwing up. Poor Anna, though. It was so sad seeing her heave, then cry afterward. It was so sad. I'm so glad she's feeling better. I knew she was feeling better today because it didn't take long before she got into trouble lol. While she was sick, she wasn't naughty at all. She just slept all day and cried and vomited. But today she's been full of her usual curious and naughty energy. I'm glad she's doing better. :D