Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Generations

[[Photos Deleted By Author]]

Paul's grandfather, Paul's great grandmother, my hubby Paul, my daughter Anna, Paul's mom
Anna was 5 weeks old

Me, Anna, my grandmother, my mom
Anna was 14 months old

Thank you for visiting my WW post! I am holding my first giveaway today. It's for a great children's DVD. Please sign up. Even if you don't care for it, it could be a great gift. ;)
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Also, added on (I think Monday...) were photos of our Day at the Park! You can see those by scrolling down or by clicking here. :)

Cloth Diapering...

Well, after winning the BumGenius diaper, I've been using it for overnight. Its absorbency is just awesome. I really would love to switch Anna over to all cloth. Not because I'm a nutty hippie or anything (as my dear hubby would say) but because of how much money it would save. I'm willing to do the laundry, I really am. I have been washing Anna's BumGenius every day after she wets it. The only problem that I've come across is finding affordable cloth diapers. I've found a website called Diaper Swappers, but it's just so darn confusing. There are hundreds of brands, pockets, prefolds, and a others... It's just so overwhelming. If I had the money, I'd just buy a ton of BumGenius diapers.... I like them. They do the job and they do it well. Of course that is my only experience with cloth diapers. I've come across a brand called Kushies. It looks like they would be harder work than BumGenius... I'm not sure. The nice thing: the price is right. I can get 8 diapers for around 55 dollars. Has anybody tried Kushies out there? Is there anything you have to say about Kushies? How about another brand that you're pleased with? I'd like to be able to buy enough diapers to diaper my daughter for a day, day and a half for around 50 dollars. Any suggestions? I would be glad if you could suggest anything! Thank you!

Oh, by the way, I'm looking at the Basic Kushies toddler diapers... nothing fancy. Just something she can poop in lol.

Eden's Bouquet Gift Certificate!

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Earth Mother's Day Giveaway

Crunchy Domestic Goddess is having a huge giveaway event on her blog! Aren't you glad that I've been keeping an eye out for all of these giveaways? CDG is giving away a ton of earth friendly products for mom this holiday! Go ahead and check them out! Just click on the button below.

Here Comes the Rain! *sob*

We were supposed to go to the ocean yesterday, Monday, for the first time since last August. I was really excited. We love the ocean! It is so calming. It is a second home! Unfortunately, the tax return didn't arrive as expected. Today, Tuesday, is the last sunny day for more than a week! Ugh! It's supposed to be raining every day (except today) in the next ten days! Oh that's so depressing to think about! The sun has been so nice... such a nice break from that nasty rainy weather we always seem to get around the Northwest. Frankly, I don't CARE if there's going to be May flowers. I don't care if I ever see another May flower again. Let's just get to the stinking SUNSHINE already!!! Ugh!