Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Adventures at the Beach

Today we went to the beach. I'm so sad that I don't have any photographs of the day. I left my camera behind. :(
Anyhow, it was really warm at the coast and we were sweating while walking towards the ocean (we had to park quite a ways away). But once we got closer the wind was blowing and it was actually pretty chilly. I put on my sweater and put on Anna's long sleeve swim shirt from Land's End (very helpful). Anna loved the water and the sand. She ran through the water (the very shallow surf) and picked up wet sand and threw it over and over. After about fifteen minutes she was very chilly and was shivering. So we left. We went and rinsed off under the outdoor showers. Anna did not like that. She screamed! I stripped her, showered her, and put her in warm clothes very fast. We stopped at a little pizza place on our walk back and ate. It was very yummy pizza. Anna refused to stay in her high chair and kept escaping from her seat. So I set her on the chair next to mine, but she kept standing up. After a few moments the worst thing happened--she knocked the chair backwards while she was standing on the chair and facing towards its back. She and the chair fell to the ground (the CONCRETE ground!) For a split moment she laid very still then started crying. I scooped her up so fast. She was crying, but not a single drop of blood. I started crying. I should've seen it coming, I thought. I was crying, she was crying. I'm sure it was quite a scene. I just felt so bad. What if she was injured and I couldn't see it? She didn't even bleed. Even the bruise that is now on her forehead is quite light... big, but light. It doesn't make sense to me. I can only think that the Lord was protecting my little monkey once again! So we quickly left. We decided since Anna was doing better we should spend a little time in the games. Paul played DDR and I followed Anna as she wandered around. On my way out I put fifty cents into one of those toy retrieving machines and won Anna a little dolly on the first try! We then walked back to the car and drove home. Exhausted, fully, and paranoid (or at least I was the paranoid one). I kept checking to see if Anna was still breathing lol.
I guess that serves me right for watching so much "Bones" lately. I just watched an episode where the victim had a hematoma under her skull.... and to top it off I learned about a family who lost their 18 month old son the other day to RSV. Please keep them in prayer. The little boy has a twin brother. He was in the car, started to cry, then "fell asleep" but really passed away. I couldn't imagine that. It would be so hard!
Ok... enough Chatty Cathy for now. Good night. I'm exhausted.

Going to the Beach

Today we are going to the beach... obviously it's just barely after midnight now and we'll need to get some sleep first, but that's what we'll be doing today. I'm excited. I love the ocean. It's probably one of the best places on earth. It's calming. It's wonderful. I love the Oregon Beach. It's been so long since we've gone to the ocean. I think last August was the last time we went.