Monday, January 31, 2011

Poor, Abandoned Blog and School's Sucking My Lifeblood from Me

My poor abandoned personal blog! How sad. How alone! I think that it deserves a post, don't you think?

What has life been like lately? Well, as this is our last semester here at NU, it has been nothing short of crazy! By 7:00 AM, we're out the door, trying to get Anna on the bus. We come back and lay in our own filth for an hour or so, then we read! Then classes! Then back to the bus, then home again! I keep looking at the calendar (evil calendar!!!) and all I see are days being crossed off! How can I find enough time in the next three months to write a thesis, conduct an experiment and write a paper for Research Methods, and do it all well? Ack!!! I'm so tired. Graduation will be a total blessing!!! Thank you, Lord! We're almost done!