Saturday, May 30, 2009


I just found out by way of my mother-in-law that my mom's health insurance is 100% taken care of! She gets full benefits because my dad and brother are veterans! :) It's such a weight off from my shoulders, knowing that is one less thing she has to worry about.
I've mentioned my mom before on this blog. She's in 3rd Stage Renal Failure. She is going into surgery soon to hopefully regain some use of her kidney and slow the process. I hope it's successful!

Oh Yum!

I found a Western Family knock-off of Samoas (Girl Scout Cookies!) in the store today! Actually, ANNA found them! She grabbed them off from the shelf. She's one smart cookie! :D *drool*

My Sister

Tonight I had a looooong talk with my sister Melissa. Very unusual since her husband never let her talk on the phone and whenever we did talk, she had to hang up almost immediately because he was either checking in on her or he was instigating a fight with her. Anyway, so we got to talk for a long time, several hours. It was so nice! She told me about this man named Dave that she's been talking to for a while. He is a good Christian man and he seems to have excellent values. I talked to him on Facebook. I just want to pray that he is the man he is portraying himself to be. I want happiness for my sister and if he is honest, then he could be that man! Someone who would love her and be a strong Christian man in her life and who would treat her well and gently and with respect. I just want everyone to pray that he is being honest and that he's a good man. :) I so badly want this joy in her life! :)