Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday to The Shape of a Mother

I've written about this wonderful blog before, "The Shape of a Mother"... Today is their Second Birthday! In the last two years, TSOAM has received 600-700+ submissions and has been mentioned in blogs, newspapers, radio shows, newspapers and more. This is such a great site with the goal to change the way that women and mothers are viewed. Go on over and wish TSOAM a happy birthday!

Here's my favorite quote from what was written today:

[W]e ARE beautiful exactly the way we are, thankyouverymuch.

Breastfeeding Update

Well, my daughter is now an active, tall close to 27 pound toddler! And honestly, it's getting harder and harder to nurse her... especially since I'm a 5 foot 1 inch woman. So I am now trying to get her to stop nursing during the day. She still enjoys her midnight snacks. I wish I could wean her from those ones instead of the daytime nursings, but you know how children are with their nighttime rituals. She's nearing 20 months. I can hardly believe it. I'm hoping she will be completely weaned by 2 years old. I originally had no weaning date, but I'm beginning to feel more and more exhausted. I think it has more to do with her being so tall and heavy for her age and me being so small for mine. Nonetheless, when she weans will be a very sad day. I know I'll cry. I enjoy our time we have together. I am so blessed that we have had this time together. So very blessed.

One more thing... My sister Jen is on her way to Denmark today for a missions trip! Say a quick prayer for her. She flew last night (and today) from Oregon to WA DC, to New York. Then from there she left about four hours ago to France. From there she's going to Germany then from there she is going to Copenhagen and then she is taking a three hour train ride to her final destination. She is very excited and text messaged me a couple of images from New York. =)