Monday, February 1, 2016

Baby #3, 35 Week Appointment

I didn't realize I'd been leaving appointment notes on this blog and I think it's a great idea for this pregnancy as well. I like comparisons. Anyhow... I am now almost 37 weeks, but here are my 35 week notes:

I had the GBS test and the doctor checked my cervix: 1cm and 50% effaced. I've never been checked this early, so there really is no comparison. BP was normal. Weight 148. I also was able to get an ultrasound done to check the baby's weight. Charlie was so big and he had shoulder dystocia, which can be dangerous, and puts me at a greater risk of having another baby with SD. Baby was a normal size, estimated at 5 1/2 pounds and appx 8 lbs at 40 weeks, so pretty normal. The highlight was being able to see the baby's face in 3D! He or she looks so much like Anna and Charlie as newborns. :)

This Friday is my 37 week appointment and I'm going to bring up the idea of induction at 39 weeks to avoid SD. Although baby is average, weight estimates are as much as a pound off in either direction. I think waiting until 40 weeks is pushing my luck.

Until next time...

Hello, baby!