Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 is Here

Well, I don't really update this blog very much, but maybe it's something I should pick up again. I got on the blog and the little map on the bottom, to my surprised, showed that I've been having regular visitors. I hope nobody is stealing my beautiful pictures! ;) I never really thought about photo security when I started this blog.

Well, a bit of an update: The kiddos are 7 and 2. Charlie is a bit of a wildman, sweet, silly and abhors sleep. ;)  Anna is a sweet little thing. She's bright and has developed a love for Harry Potter, Ninjago and a host of other odd things like that. She really is her own person!

I'd be lying if I said I was used to Washington. I guess I long to return to Oregon, to be close to family, far from rain and less lonesome on long days. I love staying home with my boy, but I need some sort of an outlet. I'm an introvert, so it's hard to create friendships and after two years here, I haven't created a new friendship, although I've maintained at least one old one! I sound pathetic, right? Well, that's the plight of the introverted person: I love people, but I have a lot of social anxiety. I start questioning whether or not I'm annoying people, and I just have a difficult time creating those relationships. It definitely blows. No, I'm not totally cut off from the world. I have created some "bus stop mom" acquaintances, I've been trying to be involved in small groups at church, and of course there's the internet! If I had a choice, I'd be in Oregon, I'd spend my days off with family and work while the kids went to school and things would be easier on my emotionally. I'm incredibly thankful for my husband, he's the truest friend. I'm so blessed by him! He works hard.

Lately, I've really been looking at Reece's Rainbow ( and really praying for the kids there. I feel so drawn to adoption, I always have. I'd love to be one of these moms, out there in Russia or China, adopting a baby and bringing that child home. Maybe someday!!!! :) We wouldn't pass a homestudy or meet financial requirements at this time, though.