Saturday, May 10, 2008

Congratulations to Our Winner!

Congratulations to Kisha who won the "Smell My World" DVD by Braincandy!
Kisha said:

Mission: to create educationally inventive, enriching, entertaining products that help young children learn about themselves as they fully experience the world around them.

My daughter, Evelyn, would love these!

Please contact me by the end of this coming week (AKA Sunday May 18th, 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time)

Thank you! And congrats! These are great DVDs. My daughter keeps bringing me her DVDs. She loves them! Here she is enjoying her DVDs, fresh from the mailbox, in a way only toddlers can... by gnawing on them! (Of course, the fifth DVD, Smell My World, remained unharmed, ungnawed on, and untouched) ;D

[[photos deleted by author]]

Long Day

I got a response from J. Go figure, I write her letters that she never responds to, but she managed to write me back the exact day with her response this time! She was rude to me, as expected. Told me I had no right to ask her such things. I'm beginning to think that I should just try to let go of this baby, Lilyann (NO APOSTROPHE). I will never see her, she will never be told about Sean, let alone me. Maybe I should just let go?

The wedding went well. It was really nice. I have a new cousin! :D Her name is Lindsay. She is a loving, sweet, kind, funny, strong woman of God! Congratulations to John Jr. and Lindsay! May your marriage be blessed!
I'll upload photos when I get them. We lent out our video cam (it's a JVC Everio digital video/digital cam... so I didn't get many photos) but I'll upload the ones I got.


Today we are going to my husband's cousin's wedding. I'll post photos this evening. It's actually midnight now, but the wedding is at 1PM Pacific Standard Time.

Oh... I sent off a letter to J. (refer to previous post)... I just asked her if the baby was his. We'll find out soon. Hopefully she doesn't say anything nasty to me.

Braincandy DVD Giveaway! *CLOSED*

This Giveaway is Now Closed.

Braincandy is a Seattle based Award Winning childrens company who approaches learning in a whole new way! Braincandy teaches the five senses (click each for a preview): See My World, Smell My World, TouchMy World, Taste My World, and Hear My World. Braincandy is in a whole new stratosphere as far as children's educational DVDs go. Instead of teaching about the ABCs and 123s, BraincandyDVDs focus on what the five senses are really like. For example, one part of the Taste My World DVD asks if it is "yucky" or "yummy" to have a pencil, bread, turkey, etc. on a sandwich. In the See My World DVD, shadows of children danced, beautiful roses came before the screen, and we saw round eyes, blue eyes, and big eyes.

My little girl, Anna, is on the cusp of a language explosion (expected at around 18 months to 2 years old) and I am excited that she is learning new words that she might not hear on a daily basis otherwise. I enjoyed how interactive the DVDs were. They encouraged my daughter to point to her eyes, nose, mouth, and so on. My daughter is almost 18 months and these videos were perfect for her age. Had my daughter been any younger, I don't think she would have cared for the DVDs much, but she watched each video, laughed, sang along in her own way, and interacted with the DVDs. She loved the creative and fun puppet characters (if your kids like puppet shows, such as Sesame Street, then you should try these videos!) It was also easy for me, as a parent, to interact with my daughter while she watched the DVDs. I could easily ask her, "Where are your eyes, Anna? "

My daughter, who is usually only ever glued to the TV when Spongebob is on, intently watched the Hear My World DVD. She sat quietly, eating ice from a cup (I don't know why she loves to eat ice, but she does!) and laughed at the DVD. I was surprised to see my busy little bumblebee sitting quietly and watching the majority of the Brain Candy DVDs! She loves her Braincandy DVDs!

The Braincandy DVDs are full of music, interactive activities, and new vocabulary for your little one! Would you like to try out a Brain Candy DVD for yourself? I have a Smell My World DVD from Braincandy for one lucky winner!

Click here for a fun preview of what you have a chance to win!

For all entrants:
Go to the Braincandy Website and tell me what the MISSION of Braincandy is. OR one award that Braincandy has earned. (Hint: click on the ABOUT tab)
Comments submitted without following my simple guidelines will be ignored/deleted on the day I tally votes. It's only fair to my totally generous sponsors.

Oh, it's not required, but I'd like to know who this video is for if you win.


For a second entry, blog about this giveaway and come back to Mommyology and leave a second SEPARATE comment with the URL. Be sure to link your post to Braincandy and Mommyology.

You can post a comment on this post for an entry with no problem.
You can also email me at: (mymommyology at gmail dot com)

Entry Deadline: May 10th

The winner of this giveaway will be drawn randomly via Please come back to this site on Sunday, May 11th to find out who won!