Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bringing Kellsey Home

Bid to Bring Kellsey Home

There are all kinds of auctions going over at Bringing Kellsey Home! Everything from baby quilts to baby hats to photo albums! Check it out!

A Good Note

I was talking to a young lady who knew my brother and who knows me. Same small town that we grew up in...

She wrote me a note and in that note, was this quote:

"The last time I saw Sean in Georgia, he asked me if I had seen you, and I told him not really.. He told me that he couldn't believe how great a Mom you had become, and how happy it made you. He told me that he couldn't figure out where you learned how to be such a good parent."

It made me tear up knowing that he thought that way of me. I wish he had told me in person. I wish that I wasn't so wrapped up in feeling angry toward him about the way he often treated me or my hubby... he was just lashing out. I should've seen that he was in pain. But there are things that we cannot change. And this is one of them.