Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Panda!

Can you believe that I've already received the stuff I ordered from Happy Panda earlier this week? They are all such adorable outfits! I'll share pictures hopefully tomorrow of Anna in them... then much later I'll take better photos and email them off to Happy Panda. Anna is going to model the new Fabulous onesie.... it really is fabulous. It's so cute with a little diamond on the butt!
Anyhow, here is what I received in the mail today:
1 Fabulous onesie... it's so adorable. I ordered it 12-18 months and it fits perfectly on my 25 pound, 32 inch daughter. They make these clothing for the tall/chubby baby. Gosh, I could've used these clothes when my daughter was a rolly polly 20 pound 6 month old lol!

Next, I got this Tagless Beach Panda onesie. I should've also ordered it 12-18 months, but I'm just not used to ordering that smaller size. I ordered it 18-24 months, but I'm afraid Anna won't fit into it until winter lol. Oh well. It sure is ADORABLE!

Then I got these pants. I ordered these also 12-18 months. They seem short, but I haven't tried these on yet. If all else fails, I'll save them for the next baby (if that baby ever comes along!)

Then I got this adorable halo hat. I got it for a friend who just had a baby. But I swore it would be itty bitty but it even fit on Anna's big noggin! Do you know what that means? Even if your baby has a huge head, like Anna had as an infant, she could STILL wear hats!!! I'm excited about that!!! Man, I wish I knew about Happy Panda when Anna was an infant!

Thanks Bediboo & Pink With Sparkles!

I just found out that I'm winning this adorable Hot Pink Flower Growth Chart from Bediboo! It's adorable! I'm so lucky! I've been wanting to get a growth chart for my daughter. Thanks to Pink With Sparkles and Bediboo!
Bediboo also has a thousand more adorable products at their store! Go check them out! :)

Crazy Weather

Yesterday was in the high 80s and today is supposed to top off at 95 degrees! Then the day after that is in the eighties and from there on out it's supposed to go back to rainy and in the 60s! The weather here can be so strange! One day extremely hot, the next cold and rainy. I was about to go through Anna's clothing and weed out the winter clothing, but after looking at the forecast, I think I will put that off for a while.

Favorite Foto Friday

This week's theme is "Fun in the Sun"! This photo was taken of my daughter in August when we went to the ocean. She was 9 months old at the time. You can click to enlarge the image. I created this collage last summer, that's why it says Beach Baby on it. I just now added my blog name for safety's sake.

Oh yeah... YES she DID eat the sand lol! :D

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