Monday, March 24, 2008

Target Easter Clearance!

It's time now for the post-holiday Easter Clearance at Target! I love it when it's after a holiday (any holiday, really) and they have their clearances. Every Easter (holiday) product is on sale after Easter (or any other holiday.) I'm always looking for clothing for Anna and this is a great time to find tee shirts for a dollar or less! If you don't know how the clearance schedule at Target works, it works like this: 50% off Monday, Tuesday, Wed, 75% off on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and 90% off on Sunday. All holiday clearance schedules work like this: 3, 3, 2. Remember that: 3, 3, 2. The first markdown is on the third day after a holiday, the second markdown is 3 days later, and the final markdown is 2 days after that. The great thing about post-Easter sales on clothing is that the clothing that is marked down is more "Springy" in nature than overly "Eastery." I found this cute shirt at called "Easter Princess." It's just a cute tee that says "princess" with a flower on it. That doesn't scream "I got this at markdown from Target post-Easter and am now wearing it totally out of season." Does it? Nah!
Here's another that has a bunny on it. Sure bunnies might scream Easter, but it could also scream, "Cute tee shirt with a bunny who has no connection to Easter!"

Another great tip is to NOT wait until the 90% off day because then you'll probably get scraps. I'd go early on the morning on the first 75% off day.That's when you can get the best deal and the best selection. If you go shopping on a 75% off day, you can get a shirt for $1.00 and if you go on a 90% off day, you can get a tee shirt for just 40 cents!