Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Mini Chocoholic

She got into my dark chocolate stash! Oh, they do start young, don't they? LOL!
*edited to remove photos*

Klean Kanteen

A while back ago I won a Klean Kanteen--pre-blog. So unfortunately now I can't remember who I won it from! I think it may have been from Ecoist...? Hmm..

Anyhow, I won a Klean Kanteen sippy cup. It's a sippy cup made from stainless steel. When mine came in the mail it came with two spouts. I put one aside. How many times have you lost sippy cup spouts? I was so glad to see that this one came with a spare! Another great feature is that once Anna outgrows the sippy spout, I can replace it with a water-bottle type of spout, called a flat or loop cap. The spout is large which is so great for warm days--I can load it up with ice cubes and water with no problem.
So, why stainless steel instead of plastic? It is durable. It lasts forever. I can't count how many times Anna has dropped, thrown, and generally TRIED to mutilate this poor sippy cup. It has gone with us so far to the park, zoo, and to Disneyland. It made it through airport security with no problems... which was a worry of mine. I thought it might be confused with a pipe bomb or something lol. Thankfully that wasn't even remotely a concern. I just kept it in the diaper bag as a carry-on. The second and most important reason why some parents prefer stainless steel for their children's cups is the concern of leaching of chemicals into the child's drink. Even the Advent spouts are made of #5 polypropylene which is a non-leaching material. The Klean Kanteen is lab tested and found to be 100% free of heavy metals and toxins which might leach into your child's every day milk or water.
I've found so far that I really like this cup. I'm confident that my daughter is drinking from a safe cup. I'm also glad to know that it will last practically forever. Which is always great for a mama on a budget and for a mama who is concerned with adding to landfills unnecessarily.
On the negative side (there aren't many negative things to speak of) I've found that it gets very cold when filled with cold liquids. There aren't any handles, so it could be hard for a younger infant to hold onto. My 1 year old has had no problems with that. Otherwise it is a great sippy cup and I'd recommend it to anybody!
Right now Reuseable Bags has the Klean Kanteen sippy cup on sale for just under 17 dollars which is quite a deal!

I'm Back!

I had a great time at my sister's house! I love my sister! Please keep her in prayer. She's so lonely out there. She's far from family and also she misses my brother Sean so much. So do I. I know we all do. I think it's easy for me, though. It's easy to be distracted from thinking about Sean's death with Anna, Paul, Paul's family keeping my mind busy. She lives in Southern Oregon a few hours from me and has no family nearby. She's single and she has lots of time to think. I feel for her. I really wish I could simply fix it all, but I know it's not the way it works. I can't bring Sean back and I can't keep her from being depressed. Aside from that, we had a great time together. We watched movies, visited the elderly people that she works with, went to the park--Anna loved the swings and said "Wee!" LOL!--Anna played in the bathtub every night and loved chasing Cally Cat, Jen's white minx cat. We rented August Rush while I was there. Have you all watched it? You should! It was a great movie! I really had no interest in it beforehand, but now I just love it so much! Well, I'll blog some more later. Today I got my Clean Team products so I'm excited to get working on those. The review will come soon! :D