Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin for McCain's VP!

Shout out to strong female role models!

I was so excited to see the news this morning! Sarah Palin is McCain's Vice Presidential runningmate! How cool is that!? The best part is that Palin (besides sharing a gorgeous name with yours truly) is a mom to 1. A special needs son (Down's Syndrome) and 2. A soldier son... I'm also pretty excited to see a "hockey mom" be on the ballot. It's very cool!

Updates: Anna & Baby Sara

While I was at my sister's house, Anna learned several new words AND 2-3 word combos. I was very excited to hear how much she learned this week! It was very cool!

And as for Sara, I asked my hubby to tell my bloggers, but apparently he did not. Argh. Anyway, EXTREMELY GOOD NEWS!!! Sara is off her respirator AND she's out of the ICU! How awesome is that!!!!!!! :D I'll keep everyone updated!

It's already almost the weekend! Have great weekends, everyone!