Friday, October 16, 2009


(Above) No joke, Anna scaled the steep side there of that rock with no help. Paul ran over to stand by her so I could take an evidential photo.

(Above) She's addicted to lipstick. I don't personally wear it, but Paul's brother bought me some makeup set for Christmas one year. I thanked him and Anna has gotten more use of it in the last few months since she's discovered LIPSTICK than I ever have! I'm always taking it away from her.

(Above)Whose monkey is it in that tree? Yup. It's my monkey! She loves to climb trees and she has impressive balance. Don't worry... the tree is low and Paul and I are standing beneath it with paranoid arms wide open.

Tonight I'm just sitting here. I have a messy house and I ought to clean it. I have done dishes and laundry today, but the living room looks awful. Someone tell me please how there are people in the world with toddlers and a clean household?! Maids? No other hobbies?! I can't keep up with this little chica. She has too much energy for her own good. I'm exhausted. It's only seven. I'm just trying to waste time until we have to go to bed. We'll wake up and scrub the house clean, then pack, then go on the TRAIN to Oregon and pick up our car! I'm excited! I'm so happy to have freedom again. You never know how awesome it is until it's lost. Let's see if I have an interesting photo to append to this little letter... I have three! And they illustrate my point! lol