Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Lovin on Baby

My daughter turned 18 months old on the 19th. These are two of the photos of my daughter loving on "Baby" her dolly.
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Chesapeake Ribbons!

I recently won 3 of Chesapeake Ribbons' bows. They came in the mail today. They are beautiful. They aren't teeny little bows, either (which is what I expected), they are the huge poofy girly bows! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait for Anna to have enough hair for ponies and bows. You might call me obsessive... I can't deny it, though! ;)

Anyhow, here are the 3 beautiful bows that I received from Chesapeake Ribbons:

The Lauren Bow! This bow is big, poofy, girly, and even a little silky soft. I love it!
The next bow I won is the ultra-girly, pink and white polka dotted Meggan Bow. It's so adorable that I want to cry because Anna doesn't have enough hair for it yet (actually I did put it in her hair, but she yanked it out---yowch! Maybe give it a year?)
My last bow, the Valentine Bow is really adorable! I'm praying Anna has enough hair for it for next February 14th! Mine actually is red with white hearts. It's so cute!!!
Thank you Chesapeake Ribbons!!!
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Also, Chesapeake Ribbons is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Cyber Baby Shower in July!

Woman Breastfeeds EIGHT Babies!

CHENGDU, China - A Chinese policewoman is contributing to the country’s massive earthquake relief effort in a very personal way -- by breastfeeding eight babies.

A newspaper in Chengdu, the capital of quake-hit Sichuan province, devoted a special page to the 29-year-old woman, calling her a “hero.”

The woman from the quake-ravaged town of Jiangyou has just had a child herself, the Western Urban Daily said.

She is nursing the children of three women who were left homeless by the quake and are too traumatised to give milk, as well as five orphans, the report said.

The babies who lost their parents have been put in an orphanage which does not have powdered milk, it said.

An estimated 50,000 people were killed in the May 12 earthquake, China’s worst natural disaster in a generation.


Making milk truly is a superpower! This woman is my hero!!!