Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby Lillyann & Jobs

I wrote about my brother before on my blog. I think my first blog was about him. He committed suicide in December. (You don't have to tell me you're sorry...) Anyhow, my brother left behind a new wife who was pregnant. Baby Lillyann Brooke is expected to make her debut tomorrow, the 24, by way of induction. Please keep her and Lillyann in your prayers on that day. I'll admit J's and my relationship has been love-hate... mostly the latter... but the fact is she is family and is having my brother's only child. I could also use a little prayer for my lack of forgiveness and being so darn rude to her. I've realized that and I am definitely working on it. I've only been rude to her in person once, but I've felt very guilty about it. I hope that we can be friends. I'd hate to lose this relationship with Lillyann. I think she deserves to know about her father... and who's better than his big sis?

Thanks for the prayers! And sorry I haven't been blogging much. It's been rather busy around here. Paul started his job today. Sounds like they're working him to the bone. Today he worked eight hours, tomorrow ten, then after that he'll be working twelve hours a day six days a week. So please keep us in prayer for another job that he will love. ;)