Sunday, September 27, 2009

Have I Mentioned...?

I have I mentioned that Anna will start preschool in the spring? It's true. I'm very excited. I hate to admit it, but we're terribly boring people! Haha! I just don't have the energy to run after her and oh how I feel so bad about it, too. I hate knowing that she doesn't have a playmate and it hurts knowing that a built-in playmate (AKA a sibling) won't be coming along for a few years yet. I feel like I'm depriving her of something innately wonderful. Anyhow, I am excited for this adventure. Whenever we see children, she says, "Look, Mama! A boy!" or "Look, Mama! A gril!" (I spelled that wrong on purpose! That's how she sounds, bless her heart!)
And to top those things off, twice a week for half an hour each, Anna spends time with Paul's friend Rachael (while our classes overlap) and Anna just loves her! I know she'll love having teachers and peers. I wish it could come sooner.
We're still praying for a car. Our feet are our only transportation, aside from a car we borrow once a week for groceries. Does it get boring? Sometimes. We take lots of walks! That fends off the boredom... that and classes, which take up quite a bit of time.
I look at Anna Daisy as I sit here and I can't get over how beautiful she is or how perfect and wonderful... and big! She's getting so tall! Which begs the question, do I buy 3T clothes for her this winter and possibly waste money... or do I buy 4T--a size she can wear but may be baggy? I'm taking the middle road. I'm going to buy 4T dresses with warm tights. Dresses can be worn long or short. But I should still get some pants for her... so 3T or 4T? Does anyone know if Old Navy's clothing runs small or large? Just in case... I'm staring down their clearance section.

Photos & Stuff

Oh isn't that a creative title? Props? Ha! It's hard to feel creative when I just feel so awful... right now I am not loving my major... Oh, I haven't felt excited about it for a while and I just don't think I can turn back. But I do have joy thanks to this little girl! Am I not the luckiest woman alive? I get to wake up to that smile every day of the week! I am truly blessed.