Monday, July 28, 2008

Secure 2 Me Giveaway


(What'd I tell you? Silky goodness!)

(Anna wanted to pose with it... don't worry, I didn't let her tear it out of the package... I'll leave that job to your little one...)

Thank you Secure2Me! This product is simply amazing. Coming from the Great Northwest, where windy cold weather is as common as breathing oxygen, I'm in love with this product! I can't tell you how many times Anna, my little dd, has kicked off blankets into the mud on our walks! Lucky, lucky, lucky YOU! I've got one to give away! No more kicked off blankets!

Clips On & Stays On

Secure2Me Blanket is the first and only blanket that clips on and stays on. No need for any other hardware or ties.

Stays put with ease
Each corner features a finger-friendly clip that quickly and easily attaches to any fabric with one hand.

Grows with your child
Designed to fit your newborn to preschooler in all your baby gear for many years of use.

Your baby will crave the cuddle-soft fabrics and unique blanket shape provides the perfect fit.

Crafted from only the highest-quality fabrics and triple surged to stand up well in your washing machine and with the toughest of toddlers.

Machine washable
Easily kept clean with periodic washes.

The Secure2Me blanket is so adorable. The one I have to give away is not only adorable, but it's enviously adorable. It's a silky red Asian material... GORGEOUS!

Be sure to check out the Secure2Me Blog!!!

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Sweet JC Penney Sale!

Did anybody else take advantage of this sale? They had so many girls clothes (and boys clothes) there! Anna came away with at least 6 skirts, three or four onesies, 6 or more shirts, all for 1.97 each! Score!!! And all were so adorable!

I got two bras, 5.00 each. Boy do I feel busty in those things, though, lol. They have quite a bit of padding. I think they make me at least a B-Cup. hahaha!

DH got a shirt. It looks very nice on him.

Let me tell you, this is the way to dress your kids... wait for the awesome sales. Target is always having sales on their clothing as well (usually on Mondays and especially after big holidays). All of Anna's shoes have been bought there on sale for 2.78 a pair.

Anyhow, had to share the love...

Thank you, JC Penney!!!