Monday, May 25, 2009


I liked this photo of Julie Andrews as Cinderella... date? 1957 I think... but isn't she pretty? I loved it. Click to enlarge.


We're considering a few things this summer:

1. Some sort of sports lessons for Anna. This is very important. Anna is extremely active. She usually out maneuvers boys who are twice her age. She as dragging around a three year old the other day on the playground, trying to get him to climb things, swing, take risks.... almost felt bad for the mother of the kid. Anna is fearless. She is a climber. She's also pretty strong for her age. We need a physical outlet for her. SERIOUSLY. I've looked around at nearby places.
a. Swim lessons at the YMCA will cost 84 dollars for about two months. We can apply for scholarship, but really what a mess that would be. Plus there are certain requirements as far as uniform go (specific swimwear, etc.) that would need to be considered, bought, researched...
b. Soccer lessons would be 100 dollars. This would be through the Sounders foundation (Seattle's soccer team). That would be pretty cool. It sounds quite interactive and fun, but a HUNDRED bucks to teach a two year old to kick a ball???
c. Gymnastics. This is seeming much more likely than the other options. It's fifty dollars for a 'session'. A session includes 10 lessons. We could easily get her a leotard at Walmart for very little money. She would get to climb and tumble to her heart's content. And the price is right.

Something else we've been considering: A FAMILY CAMPOUT. Just Paul, Anna, and me. Doesn't that sound nice? No computers, no fans, no internet, no television, no SpongeBob. Just US. We havet o book a place, though. Last year when we tried to find a place over our anniverary, we realized that we got married over FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND (not too smart of an idea looking back on it... should've gotten married in August!) and there are no places open without prior reservation. So hopefully that will work out. We haven't gotten a chance to do something like that EVER. Not once in our five years of marriage (five years June 19th!!!) have we been camping. And we certainly haven't done something like this with just the three of us. It sounds special and very, very relaxing. I'm going to go do a little research now. ;)

Hello Family

I recently invited a lot of family to read this blog. This has been kind of my own personal refuge for quite some time, so hopefully you don't think I'm too insane. I'm really rather tame. Mostly I just brag about Anna. She is, after all, the most beautiful little thing I've ever laid my eyes on. :)