Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amazingly, Surprsingly,... TOO MUCH Sleep!

I was busy dreaming strange dreams this morning. We were in a tunnel, trying to find our way out... my brother was there. Gosh, I miss my little brother. It's amazing how much I miss him. When he was alive, I really treated him awfully... the annoying little brother, annoyed big sister syndrome... *sigh* But I really do think about the great times we had when we were best friends. Back in the day. We used to spend a lot of our summers together. One summer we were floating down Canyon Creek (we used to walk several miles up CC and then float down on inner tubes that we got for free from Les Schwab)... Anyway, we were floating down and we came across this huge rock that was jutting out of the water. Sean was floating straight toward it and started freaking out. There was a rattle snake sunning itself on the rock. I was always way more calm than him. He tended to freak out like that... Anyway, I told him to stick his leg in the center of the tire, without moving his upper body much, and start kicking like a madman. The water was too deep to touch, then. Yes, he was able to push himself away from the rock without disturbing the snake! Thankfully!
Then Paul woke us up, Anna was still asleep in my arms and it was ELEVEN in the morning! We really REALLY slept in!!!