Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Ridiculous

Thanks to imikimi.com (a good place to go when you're bored...) I created this picture with Anna's little face in it. hehehe gave me a good laugh!

And while I was at Stupid.com, I found a few items that gave me a smile or two...

The Hillary Nut Cracker
The Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Bacon Flavored Tooth Picks (What???)

The Fanny Bank (That's just wrong...)

The Toilet Monster (apparently this is what you use when your toddler is in danger of potty training...)
Delinquents with Combs (Kids nowadays... I just don't understand them!)
And finally... The 2008 Dog Poop Calendar

Not a Lot to Say...

So I'll just leave you with the summer promo commercial of my favorite show (actually... just about the only show I watch besides Spongebob nowadays... lol)

Sunshine on the Horizon!

Oh thank goodness!!! Starting tomorrow, every day in the ten day forecast is 67 degrees or warmer and SUNNY!!!!!!!! I'm so sick of the cold and the rain and the CLOUDS! I'm so ready for summer to finally and officially begin!!!