Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Pics

Anna loved her dress up trunk from my mom. She also got a couple of dollies, a V-Motion, Play Dough (don't worry that's a very ROUNDED butter knife), and two pairs of PJs. Se really likes her dollies and plays with them, makes them talk to one another and walk around (it's really cute to watch) and she loves her bracelets. I love that I had a girl!!! :D

Merry Christmas everyone! And thank you for the advice on the Crayon Fiasco. ;) I heard there's an Old Navy sale tomorrow (75% off... Maybe I can pick up some new tights, shirts, dresses, what-have-you... Hopefully I can get a few shirts, too. A few of mine were ruined, too.) *sigh*

Pretending & Art Work

Anna is such a funny girl to watch. She loves to pretend with her dolls. She got a Diego doll and a Dora doll for Christmas. She put them together and said, "Hi, Deeko. Hi, Baby." Then she walked them around... She's so funny! LOL. I love seeing her imagination working.

Here's some of her latest artwork...

(Top: 11/08 Anna colored in her Spongebob Bowl. I love how she colored in his teeth and eyes first. haha. Bottom: She drew this last night, 12/24/08. She started drawing circles, then drawing circles around the circles. I could hardly believe it. Then she started coloring in the circles. I guess I forget how fast she's growing up sometimes. It still amazes me!)