Wednesday, June 18, 2008

(not so) Wordless Wednesday: 4th Anniversary

On June 19th, my husband and I celebrate our 4th Anniversary!

Here is a slideshow of our wedding... if we look young, then, well, we are. I was not quite 20 and Paul was already 20. Looking back, I think... GEEZ we looked young! Amazing how in four short years I have aged so much... and yet, I'm still confused with a teenager most days. (At least people now think I can pass for sixteen or seventeen rather than fourteen...)

So... here is the slideshow..

Also, sorry for not posting much this week, I've been sidetracked with a hobby of mine, short story writing. I haven't written in a long time so I've been enjoying writing this week. =) I'll try to post more often. I've won a few things in the past week, so I need to share and thank people. ;)