Thursday, March 5, 2009

Song Beside A Sippy Cup

I love this poem. Mostly because I've been there and I know how it feels!!!

Song Beside A Sippy Cup

In the never truly ever
truly dark dark night, ever
blinds-zipped, slat-cut,
dark-parked light,
you (late) touch my toes
with your broad flat own
horny-nailed cold toes.
Clock-tock, wake-shock.

In the ever truly never
truly long long night, our
little snoring-snarling
wild-child mild-child
starling-darling wakes every
two, three (you-sleep) hours,
in the never truly ever
truly lawn brawn fawn dawn.

Jenny Factor


You are
the one I breathe for every single day
You are
the one I live for in every single way
You are...
the beginning and the end.
You are...
Jehovah Elohim.
The Rock
The Shepherd
King of Kings
You are...
King of Peace.
My Healer
Who is waving over me.
Sovereign Lord of Lords,
You are my everything.