Friday, May 2, 2008

Take Action on the EPIAA Bill!

Help Autism Speaks get House and Senate cosponsors for the Expanding the Promise for Individuals with Autism Act (H.R. 1881, S. 937), a bill that will provide $350 million in new money to the states to provide services for individuals with autism from childhood through adulthood.
Click this link to take action now!!

Thanks to Chesapeake Ribbons who posted this entry on her blog! Autism awareness is very important in my heart. As many of you know, my nephew suffers from a form of low-functioning Autism.

Favorite Foto Friday

FFF's theme this week is having a ball and it's all about our children doing what they love and learning new things! :D

I won a great BumGenius one-size-fits-all diaper from Macy Fron's blog. Thank you so much Macy! I love the diaper. I haven't seen such a cute diapered butt in so long! I am in love with BumGenius's diapers! They are soft and comfortable. They adjust to fit any size. And you never need a diaper cover... it's built in! The Absorbency on these diapers is excellent... but the thing that gets me most excited (especially if you know me!) is its cost efficiency. Not only do you not have to buy disposable diapers, but you can keep the same diapers throughout your child's diaper-wearing years... newborn through toddler-hood! My daughter is around 31-32 inches tall and is about... erm... 26 pounds-ish(???) I'm not sure. I know she's pretty tall and heavy, but they fit her perfectly! So mommy gets to learn something new! Yay!

In case you were wondering... she never leaves our phones alone! She loves electronics! (Daddy does a happy dance...)

I also added the last photo of my little girl drinking from a big girl cup! :D She just started drinking from a cup a couple of weeks ago with NO spills! I'm so proud of my munchkin!

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Mother's Day Blog Bash


Mother's Day is coming up very soon and it seems like a lot of blogs are having awesome parties!
Notes From My Nest is having a huge blog bash to celebrate Mother's Day! To play along, I'm going to share what I've learned about Motherhood.

I think that the first thing that I learned within the first few days of my daughter's life was that I never knew what new levels of sleeplessness could exist!!! Seriously! I gave birth to my daughter 3 hours away from where we lived. On the drive home, I literally fell asleep while talking to my husband. I felt like I should try to talk to him so he could stay awake and before I knew it I was asleep and could hear myself talking slower and slower! It was pretty funny, but gosh I was so exhausted it wasn't even funny.
The main thing that made me so exhausted was that my daughter refused to sleep in her crib or bassinet. It didn't occur to me that I could sleep with her in the bed until I was laying in bed (all laid up from pain) and I woke up several minutes later with my daughter still in my arms AND SHE WAS SLEEPING and so was I!!! It was some sort of miracle! :D LOL! From that time on we co-slept with our little girl. She still co-sleeps with us and she hogs the bed like a 6 foot tall man!
I didn't know what kind of mom I would be until my daughter was born. I was frightened about how I could be a good mom. I soon figured out that motherhood comes naturally to most of us... including myself. My daughter was born and I did what came naturally, I nursed her. It was so wonderful... the bond. It is indescribable. It still makes me cry sometimes. Co-sleeping also came naturally. It made sense to us. My daughter hated her crib. She only slept in our arms. The bed worked for us. That was something I never thought I would do! I also carried her everywhere. She literally didn't nap in her crib or bassinet or couch (anywhere besides my arms) until she was 6 months old. I loved to hold her and keep her close to me. I wanted her close. I still do. I sometimes joke to myself that I'm an Attached Parent by accident... I don't like to associate myself that way, though. I just do what is natural to me. It doesn't work for all. Sometimes I find myself checking if she's breathing to this day. She is the most precious and amazing little person... I couldn't imagine not being a mother. I can't remember what I did before motherhood. How did I spend my day? What would fill the void that my daughter fills now? That void must've existed before her, right? She is my blessing. I am so blessed to be a mother. I couldn't imagine it any other way!