Monday, June 30, 2008

Win a Sara Rose Tutu!

Busy Mommy Products is offering an awesome giveaway for one of her darling tutus! Click on over there and enter for a chance! She'll be giving away more than one tutu and there is more than one chance to win, too!

Wish Margie & Family Congratulations!

Margie Gunn of Chesapeake Ribbons had her baby... she didn't know if it was a boy or a girl... guess what? She had a GIRL!!! Anna Kathleen! Isn't that a perfect name??? I think so!
CLICK HERE to wish her congratulations!

Sad For My Mom

I let my mom in on a little secret... I didn't know it was a secret, though. I told her about J. not giving baby Lily-Ann my brother's last name, Tacy. She gave her her last name, P----. I felt so awful hearing my mom cry over the phone. *sigh*