Friday, January 16, 2009


laissez-faire \les-ey FAIR\, adjective:
1. the principle that business, industry, trade, etc. should operate with a minimum of regulation and interference by government

1. maintaining the principle of letting people do as they please


I thought I should just jot this here. Paul and I... Huh... It's funny that whenever we talk about baby names, we always focus on girl's names. Anyhow... we were just chatting the other day and we talked about Kathryn Eleanor. Paul likes the nickname Katie... which I'm iffy on... I'm kind of picky when it comes to nicknames. I think if I were to give her a nickname, it would probably be Ella or Ellie b/c I'm not too fond of Kate or Katie. Kitty? Nah. Eh... maybe. It's kind of an old fashioned nickname for Kathryn and I love the old fashioned aspect of Kathryn.

I liked the name Catherine, but not Katherine (spelling counts with me!) and liked the name Kathryn. Paul also liked Kathryn and liked that over Catherine, so there you go on that one. Eleanor I've always liked... especially since reading Sense and Sensibility with Elinor the heroine. Do you think two odd-spellings would be too much? Kathryn Elinor... That's why I preferred the spelling Eleanor. Anyhow... I'm babbling now. And I shouldn't be thinking about babies. Bad Sarah, bad. *thinks about childbirth* Yeah... there we go. Yup, I'm good. Not wanting another baby...

Although... I fear that Anna is having yet ANOTHER growth spurt. She's eating constantly again which is never a good sign as far as growing goes. She's already filling out 2Ts quite nicely. *prays her baby won't be a giant when she's older* A. I don't want her to have to deal with that... and B. I don't think we can afford that many wardrobes. *soothes self to stop stressing over things not yet come* Is anybody out there a really tall woman? Say... 5'11" + ? How was your adolescence?

Done babbling. I swear.

Yup... I'm gone.

I swear it.

Being Ruthless

I've been ruthless. Without Ruth. While unpacking my boxes, I've been throwing out things that don't fit, things that are from high school, things that are broken, things that I've never worn, things that are hideous or not my style. And it feels GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. We're getting down to necessities and it feels really nice. I've been organizing photos, going through things. The house is still a wreck because of boxes and such, but it's really starting to feel like home. It feels so good. I love our home! :D