Friday, March 21, 2008

Hubby's New Blog

Apparently I sparked interest from my hubby in my new blogging exploits. He came in here and signed me up for something called Add Sense then I talked him into making his own blog. Something that he can put his myspace blogs in and people might actually read. The poor guy. I really do feel sorry for him. He tries to tell me his computer stuff or science stuff and... well... it really does go through one ear and out the other. Most of the time I nod and I'm really good at reacting at the right time, too. On one hand, I'm thinking, Turkey Casserole would be delicious for dinner. Let's see, we have turkey, two cans of soup, broccoli, corn... what other veggies could I sneak in there...? MEANWHILE my hubby is rambling about computer components, the morons at such and such a company, they finally came up with a way to put this many kili-whatevers into a micro-something-or-other, and I read this thing on how to create a computer thingyblobber homemade... I'm great at saying, "Oh really? That's cool, honey! I can't believe they know how to do that!" Yup and they also discovered this thingy... MEANWHILE I wonder if we have enough time to go to the park. Anna hasn't gotten out of the house in days. She must be bored.
Long story short. He is, as we speak, making his own blog. I helped him come up with a name for his geekfest awesomeness computer rockin' blogger. Mom's Basement was taken unfortunately. I thought that would've been funny. So was North Bridge (he said that had something to do with computers and "They'd get it.") and so was The Man Cave by some 16 year old who hasn't used the website in three years if ever. Grr! That made me mad!
Even LONGER story short, we came up with Frenchfries and Harddrives. I must admit it's pretty darn creative. And he has me to thank for that. ;)
I'll post a link when it comes up. Now he has a place to vent and to commune with the others of his kind.
Hubby's blog is

Good Friday 2008

Today, March 21, 2008 is Good Friday. It is also called Holy Day and Great Friday. Good Friday commemorates the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ at the Cross at Calvary. Because of Jesus Christ dying at the Cross, we have been given the gift and the choice to live for Him. If we choose to believe in His death and His gift of his life, then we can live forever with Him. As I write this I remember a few years ago when the Passion of the Christ came out. There was this big buzz about how it was antisemitic, but the truth is there is absolutely no antisemitism in the Bible. Nobody was responsible for the death of Christ at Calvary. Not Jews, not Gentiles, not Pontius Pilate himself. Nobody "killed" Jesus. Jesus chose to die at the cross for us. He had a choice. He is God! He could have asked God the Father to take him out of that situation, but he didn't. He didn't because he loves you and he loves me. He knew that his death at the cross would set us all free from our sins and we would all be with Him if we chose to believe in Him. Praise God for His gift to us on Calvary. Without it I couldn't call myself a Disciple of Christ.

Tagged Again!

By way of reading Sarah's post (Sassyfrazz) I was tagged again. It'll be fun!!!

What I was doing 10 years ago: Ten years ago I was a wee one of just 13 1/2 years old. Yes, I'm young. What can I say? I was living with my parents. I was in the seventh or eighth grade. I was a nieve kid living in Hicksville. Good times! :)

5 Things on my To Do List today:
1. Well it's 1:08 so Sleep is number one.
2. Nurse Anna... that's always up there.
3. Make sure Anna got enough to eat and good food, too.
4. We're going to the park. I'm putting Anna in playclothes and going to have some fun!
5. Laundry and cleaning the bedroom. That's on my list, too... I might try to put this one off! :D
5 Snacks I Enjoy
1. Ice Cream (I have to agree there!)
3. Iced tea. Yumo!
4. I like rice cakes. Those are good. If they're sweet.
5. Bananas. We go through a lot of bananas.
5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire
1. Pay off school debts!!!
2. Make sure that my children and nieces and nephews go to college.
3. Build a house and live in it.
4. Make sure my MIL, FIL, mom, and dad can retire comfortably!
5. Go on a big family vacation... to the Mediterranean!
3 of my Bad Habits
1. Worrying about money.
2. Complaining.
3. Procrastinating. I'm the queen. Not you, Sara! :D Seriously. I'm awful at it!
5 places I have lived
1. John Day, Oregon where I grew up.
2. Near Seattle, WA where I went to college. In the dorms.
3. Near Portland, OR where I lived our first year of marriage.
4. Near Seattle in our own apartment with my hubby and Anna our second and third years of marriage.
5. Here. Let's just leave it at that. ;)
5 Jobs I have had
1. (how funny!) I worked at McDonalds for about a year and a half my Jr. and Sr. year of high school.
2. I worked at the college I attended.
3. I worked at a call center for Boost Mobile which was actually pretty interesting.
4. Dollar Tree. That job sucked.
5. Now I'm a mom, wife, and a wet nurse. hehehehehe! :D
If you are reading this, then I am tagging YOU! Leave a link to your blog in my comments, so I can check out your post.

2 Years Ago

Two years ago we found out we were pregnant with our beautiful daughter Anna! I was 6 days late on my period. I already knew in my heart I was pregnant! Halfway through the summer of 2005 God started to tell me that my daughter would be expected soon. I felt that I would have a daughter and she would be conceived in the Spring of 2006. Of course then I wasn't too good at listening to God and I still am not so learned in the subject, but I soon learned that it really was God who I heard once again. Here is what I blogged that day (I felt so poetic LOL... try to ignore that about it!)

This foreign, strange thing is pregnancy...what is it? I feel the same, except for that evil period least that has been put off for a while. What will life be like post-baby? I don't even know... To tell you the truth, I knew that I would be pregnant this spring, God told me in his whisper-quiet voice, the same way he told me about my future husband. I knew it, but denied it all the same. I was frightened, and who's to say I wasn't going insane? But, God 's cello-deep, harp-sweet voice is telling me "You're a mother; as we speak, you're a mother!" And, frankly, I must listen to God, and I must believe the Clear Blue Easy test (over 99% accurate, so it says) that read "Pregnant"...not after the recommended 3-minute-wait, but after 30 seconds or less!

Oh, God, bless our special angel. I've never had an angel like this before, so sweet, so innocent, so precious and 100% ours!

I'm frightened, but in your hands, my trembling ceases, and I'm calm...I'm calm, and my fear is gone.