Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spanish Word of the Day

The English word of the day was nothing fantastic, so here is the Spanish word of the day:

diario, noun, adjective:

la rutina diaria
the daily routine

Diario is used in a couple of useful phrases. First de diario or para diario, to describe something which is everyday or for everyday use:

nuestro mantel de diario
our everyday tablecloth

Este diseƱador ofrece limitadas opciones para la ropa de diario.
This designer offers limited options for everyday wear.

Then, a diario to describe something which happens every day.

Va al gimnasio a diario.
He goes to the gym every day.

Please Pray for Kenny

Paul's cousin was just hospitalized last night right after the Christmas party. We saw him and talked to him and everything. He was OK then. But after he left, he went straight to the ER. He has a viral heart infection. He has a 2/3 chance of living. So it's pretty serious. Just keep Kenny in your prayers. Thank you!