Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Layout

I created a new header so I had to redo my layout. Man, I wish I knew how to create custom layouts. :( Wah! Anybody want to teach me? Anyone? No? Yes? You? OK! :D

First Review on Behalf of a Company

Today I was excited to get an email M80 Parents Blog who contacted me on behalf of Kimberly Clark. They asked me to do a review of Huggies products. This is pretty perfect, really. I've been wanting to do a review and on top of that I'm NOT a Huggies customer.... Perhaps I will be converted? We shall see!!!

Biggest Loser: USA Decides!!!

My Mother in Law is a little addicted to watching The Biggest Loser. And so am I. For the finale, the viewers get to decide who wins! For this season we have a HUGE chance at getting our FIRST female Biggest Loser winner! So, please go to this website: and vote for MARK. By voting for MARK, you are voting in a guy who already weighs 169 pounds. He hardly has anything to lose now. WHICH MEANS the other two women who are in the finale, Ali and Kelly, HAVE A HUGE CHANCE AT WINNING AND BEING THE FIRST FEMALE BIGGEST LOSER!!! So please go to that web address simply by clicking HERE and voting for MARK (yes, I'm being repetitive because I want Mark voted on so Kelly or Ali can win!!! :D

2 Weeks of Toys

Two Weeks of Toys - Giveaway Event
5 Minutes for Mom is giving away a new toy (or toys) every day for the next two weeks! Go ahead and go over there and check it out. I hope I win the Rose Petal Cottage. It's so adorable! :)

Wordless Wednesday: Growing Belly Weeks 5-39

This is a collage of my pregnancy pictures, weeks 5-39, with my daughter Anna, born November 06.
Photo Watermarked at