Friday, March 26, 2010

About Preston

Preston is the little boy I was praying for. His little button is still on the sidebar. The family who was going to adopt him arrived in his home country and discovered that he had already been adopted by a family in his country. I'm still glad he's being adopted and it'll be an easier transition in his own country, I guess. The family will be adopting instead a beautiful little girl named Lizzy, also with dwarfism. I'm happy for that family! :D

New Photos

My beautiful girl! I made her a tutu and a headband for Easter. She danced and danced and modeled and gussied for the camera. She's so silly and sweet! She's excited about preschool next fall. Hopefully she gets in! :)

I won a contest a and got this in the mail today: A signed Season 4 DVD (signed by TJ Thyne AKA Dr. Hodgins), a photo, and a pen shaped like a femur. haha It's great! Totally made my day! :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's March!

At the beginning of May, it'll mark one year until we're OUTTA HERE! One year until Paul and I have our bachelors degrees in hand and one year until we are back in Oregon and amongst family. Visiting Oregon this last time really, I think, made us more homesick. *sigh* Plus, we've had issues with our financial aid--thankfully that looks like it'll be taken care of. It's so difficult with no outside support--no parents to cosign loans--no ability to do those things for ourselves. But we persevere. We want better lives for our kids. :)

Oh, and in case you didn't hear yet... Bones returns April 1st on Fox (Fringe airs directly after). Had to plug my fave show. :)

Well, Anna's napping for the first time IN THREE DAYS, so I'm going to do some ME STUFF. Watch a movie? An episode of SVU? The world is my oyster!