Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Pony Awesomeness

She's basically always climbing.

Climbing, of course.

The pony.

Doesn't she make a sweet little puppy dog?

Yes, she's panting like a dog.

Bows O' Awesomeness

She wouldn't let me try them on her while she was awake, so I put them on her while she was asleep! Muwahahaha....

Anna sporting her bows that I made. They're not that great, but hey... they're not terrible for a first timer with no directions haha. :)

As Promised...

Swimming pics! :)

Wordless Wednesday: 1 Year Later

I've finally remembered to do a WW post on a WEDNESDAY. Usually I remember somewhere on Thursday the following week! hahaha

Later today I'll be posting all of the swimming pictures of Paul and Anna. :) They had a great time in the pool while I shivered and snapped pics! hahahaha :)