Monday, January 19, 2009

"It's Bro-Kin"

My painting just fell off from the wall. The tack just broke in two and the whole thing came tumbling down. The frame fell apart. One good thing: We got a laugh. Anna kept pointing up at the wall and saying, "It's Bro-Kin, It's Bro-Kin."

M&M Bribery

Anna has been doing so well on the potty! Since we have finally moved, Anna has her own bathroom and she can go potty whenever she needs. So, we've been giving her an M&M for going potty and a Tic-Tac for trying. She will run to the potty and when she starts to go, she grins really big and she points to the cabinet where I keep them and says, "Cockua" (Chocolate) and she gets an M&M. Yesterday night, she was in a diaper and she asked to go potty and she did! I was shocked! Blown away! She's doing so well!

Blessed by Friends

We are so blessed. We had friends come over last night and they bought us groceries! We were getting low and since Paul isn't employed yet up here, we were probably going to have to borrow more from Paul's parents. This is just another one of those things that goes to show that God is watching over us. Left and right, God is blessing us through our friends! Thank you, Jesus!