Friday, August 8, 2008

New Words!

Yesterday was a good day for new words!

First, I bought Trident gum. One of Anna's favorite treats. One that I don't mind giving her, either. ;) Anyhow, she kept coming to me and saying, "Gahm!" She wanted gum! What a bright girl!

But that's not as amazing as this next thing, because there were no prompts from me. (You know, telling her the word first.) She brought her Sesame Street shapes book to me and sat on my lap. She opened it up and on one page there are pictures of a 'ball', a 'window', a 'book', and a 'door'. She pointed to the ball and said, "Ball".... I already knew she knew that one. She pointed at the book and said, "Booah." I knew that she knew that one already. Then she pointed at the door and said, "door" and KNOCKED on it, then she pantomimed opening the door! I was blown away! I'd never heard her say 'door' before and I've never pointed at it and said, "door", either. I dragged her into the living room and tried to have her reenact it for everyone. *sigh* She only knocked on it, but wouldn't say door. lol. :D