Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Header

What do you think? I figured I should get with the times. My baby girl is no longer a baby. Every time I look at her, I'm surprised by how much more she looks like a child. Her hair is getting longer. Her face is getting thinner. She tells me about her ideas, thoughts, and imaginings. But I have a feeling that even when she's twenty, she'll be my baby girl.

On another note, please pray she gets well soon. A week and a few days ago on Monday she began vomiting every other day. We went to the doctor this Monday and she suggested it was a stomach bug and if it persists to take her in. She hasn't vomited since, but about an hour ago, we woke up from a nap and her cheeks were warm. I figured it was because she and I were so close together under that comforter, with her arms around my neck, that she was hot from that. But her cheeks haven't cooled off since and she seemed to laze around and didn't want to eat much. She's running a fever from what I can tell (where is that thermometer???), but it has cooled off since I gave her the Tylenol. I am praying that this is just the end of whatever she has had and it isn't the beginning of something new! (Or a continuance of the same nasty bug.)

Being a Mom

The awesome thing about being a mom: discovering two little pine cones in your pocket as you walk home and smiling about the memory of how they got there.