Monday, June 16, 2008

Personal Stuff

I don't write a lot of personal stuff on this blog, but I'd like to share something wonderful: My hubby got a job and is starting this week! I'm so glad. He has been unemployed for a little while now... no, I correct myself... a LONG while now. It has been so incredibly frustrating and depressing. At times I just wanted to sink into my own self pity. At times I did. Last week an employer found my hubby's resume online and called him. They hired him after a short interview. Praise God! The background check will clear by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest and then he can start. He has been fired in the past for ridiculous things between last summer and this summer. He has been hired three times in the past year. Three times they fired him. The first place was full of people who were using illicit drugs and pornography in the bathroom. They fired him for not being fast enough. I admit we were both relieved about that particular firing. It was a godsend of sorts. The second time was in December. He was hired about a week before my brother killed himself. We flew to Florida and Paul took time off. He called three of his managers and told them he had to leave and would be back as soon as he could. His heartless boss said that he told no managers and fired him. Right before Christmas. Right after Sean's death. Then the most recent place Paul worked at once before for less than an hour. He was there for the orientation. They never sent him a paycheck. But they fired him this time because he "knowingly lied on his resume"... saying he never worked there before. Technically he did not. But they still had his paycheck in human resources and it said he had worked SIX hours. They said they would reissue the check. They never did. How frustrating!
I'm just so thankful that this door is open. I'm praying that it stays open. I'm prepared to throw my body in the way of the swinging door to keep it from closing again! UGH!