Thursday, September 25, 2008

Newfound Talent

Anna's thing for the past few weeks is lining things up. For example, she went to the bag of potatoes and started to take them out one by one, then she lined them up, one next to the other along the floor. At the restaurant, she lined up grapes (halved) along the table, one next to the other. Then she has also found that lining up shoes is a fun thing to do, too. LOL.

She did something funny the other day. She had a Barbie in one hand (gift from grandma) and some other toy... I think it was the little Spongebob toy... in the other hand. She made them walk along the stool lol... so cute!... then she made this screaming sound, "Ahhhhh!" and made the toys fall off the stool!!! What a riot! LOL! She does the funniest things!