Friday, July 17, 2009


I finally talked to a counselor at the school and I've decided to finish out my education degree. I've got only 36 more credits until graduation! That will mean around 3 semesters to go. I will finish with an education major, but when I get my MA (teachers must get an MA anyway) I will get an Educational Psych MA which will allow me to work as a school counselor, something I've thought about off and on since I've had Anna but thought it would take much more schooling. I think this is a great plan and I'm feeling much more confident about all of this. My classes begin in August and I'll be holding down a full load again--for the first time since Anna was an itty bitty infant and just slept all of the time!

I don't know if I mentioned Paul's migraines on here, but he did have an MRI at last and everything is normal. So, that means that he'll have to see a regular doctor to get the rest of the tests... a friend of ours had issues with vitamin deficiencies that caused migraines, etc. So hopefully it's easily remedied. I hate seeing him in pain so much and when he is having a bad day (which happens more often than not) it turns him into a horrendous GRUMP. :-/ So hopefully that goes well!