Friday, April 11, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

Over at Safe in His Arms, Tonya has a Favorite Foto Friday. This week she shared photos of her beautiful new niece Allie Grace. She is gorgeous! Go and comment on her post! :D
I'm off for this week. I'm going to go visit my sister Jennifer! I'm so excited! It's supposed to be in the 70s this week, so it'll be warm enough for a trip to the park! Yay! That just reminded me that we should pack the cameras!
Now, I'm going to look through my computer and search for some of my favorite photos to share..... let's see......

These are Anna's 4 month photos, taken by my husband Paul at home. We bought black sheets that were on sale at Walmart and bought 800 film for excellent photos. I also used Photoshop to make the photos a little more sharp. I loved how they turned out. There are more of course, but these are a few of my faves. Aren't they adorable? It shows you how chubby Anna was and also how much she loves to smile!!! :D
Edit: Forgot to share what the watermarks mean. I watermarked these a while back ago... well, over a year ago now that she's almost 17 months old, with my nickname Gussie for a forum. :) And Anna Daisy, that's her first and middle name. I'll share the story of her name another time. ;)

*edited to remove photos*