Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bed Trained... on Her Own!

Just like many of the things Anna has done in her life, she has done it on her own. No fuss from mom and dad! A few days ago, Anna decided she wanted to sleep in her own bed (usually she sleeps in our bed). Ever since, she's been sleeping in her bed all night long. It's been almost a week now. She did this with potty training, too. She was so easy to potty train! She was so easy to get to eat solids and to wean. She is just such an easy child. I'm pretty sure the next one will be trouble! haha!

22 Weeks 3 Days

Today I'm 22 weeks 3 days along, but since Charlie is measuring +4 days, I might as well be 23 weeks! The bump is growing quite a bit. Yesterday, I swear I was larger than this and two days ago I was huge! He must have switched positions again. I think he's still in the breech position, so sometimes I don't feel his kicks too consistently which is worrisome, but thanks to the magical internet, I know that this is normal. By this time with Anna (22 weeks), I could see her foot jutting out and running across my tummy. No go this time around. I guess every pregnancy really is different. I'm just praying that Mr. C goes head-down before go time. I do not want to be cut open! I'm actually hoping for a natural birth (no meds, no episiotomy, nothing). We'll see if I get my wish. Just pray for me.

Symptoms: Aching hips and tummy seem to be my biggest complaints lately. Between 19 and 24 weeks, baby doubles in size... that basically translates to a lot of discomfort on this end. Ah, well. :) I guess it's all for a good cause.