Thursday, June 5, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

This week's theme Messy Places/Disorderly Conduct:
This is what happens when you leave your little girl alone with a box of tissues...

And this photo was a one in a Billion shot! LOL! Ah... memories, memories. LOL!

Anna's Daddy

In 2006 my husband and I brought our first (and only, so far) child into the world. A daughter. I am so blessed that my husband is who he is. As a man. As a man of God. That he could father my daughter. My husband has always respected women. He treats his mother wonderfully. He treats me with grace and love. We waited until marriage for physical love. (kwim?) That ensures, to me, that he respects women. What better man could I have to raise a daughter--our daughter? He loves our little girl. He cuddles with her on the couch and watches Spongebob with her. They love to wrestle. Paul lifts her onto his shoulders to touch high things--trees, the ceiling... I've always known how lucky I have been to be blessed with such a wonderful husband. Since my daughter was born, I realize how much more blessed I am... more blessed than I could ever ask or imagine. He's a great father. I can see him playing Barbies with our daughters, playing tea party and dress up. He is the kind of earthly father I never had. I am so blessed... blessed beyond measure. I am blessed to have Paul as my husband and as the father of my child(ren).

I wrote this about a week ago, thinking about my sweet hubby. I hope that nothing here offends anybody. That isn't the point.