Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Photobooth

These photos were taken at our college's "Evening Masquerade"... I was a few weeks pregnant here.

And these ones were taken when we were lowly college freshmen...

**photos removed by blog author**

Mary Cassatt

Growing up and even to this day, my favorite artist has been Mary Cassatt. Mary loved painting women and children together in every day situations. She painted mothers washing her daughter's feet, pre-adolescent girls braiding their hair... things of that nature. You should really look her up for more information. Mary Cassatt is a wonderful artist. Recently, while searching for breastfeeding pictures, I came across artwork of hers that I have never seen before. (Honestly, I've seen the third one down before, but had to include it. It's one of my favorites!) I'd like to share those now. I love these paintings! (I've shared one of these before in a Fact O' The Week post.)