Saturday, March 1, 2008


Anna loves to color--on everything... plus she likes to taste the crayons. It's tons of fun! I'll have to scan some of her creations. Right now she is coloring in Grandma's journal beside me as I type on the laptop at the kitchen table. She wants to color on other pages rather than just the one--stubborn little thing! Now she's trying to stick the crayon int he bindings of the journal--all bitten and worn down. She has a giant floor pad to draw on and it's so funny to watch her. She lays down on her tummy so she can draw on it and holds the crayon in the perfect position in her fingers that you and I do--like she is so much older than fifteen months for just a moment. She is the most important little person in my life... so lively, so beautiful, so wonderful. I am blessed!


Sarah said...

That sounds like so much fun! My little guy, Caleb, loves to write on everything...including (but not limited) to doors, windows, tables, and walls. Funny how paper isn't as fun!

I have a big pad of paper, and didn't even think of that! I will have to pull that down. We are looking into the doodle pad for his birthday...draw and erase to draw again.

cltgrace said...

Wow! It's great that she's exploring this medium and that you are providing those opportunities! Kids tend to work on their bellies because they feel really supported in their core & free to use those hands. Challenge her & foster core strength development by taping a big piece of paper on the wall or fridge & let her color while standing up OR easel work is great!

Kudos to you & Anna! You are blessed!