Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sexiest Nursing Bra: Giveaway!

On my travels this morning to find a prize (ehehehehe) I came across the sexiest nursing bra ever! These bras are made by ... Gone are the days of the frumpy, droopy, ugly, unsupportive nursing bras! My first nursing bras were like that. I now go for the bras that can be crisscrossed in the back or straight over the shoulders so my bras don't have to be that ugly. Plus I was sick of my boobs hanging down to my knees (not that they could... but it sure felt like it!) It works. But it can be inconvenient searching for the straps after Anna is done nursing. I'm glad I came across this contest. If I don't win, then you bet that once I have the mulah, then I'll be buying a bra from Passion Spice!
If you really want to win the sexy nursing bra of your choice, head over to The Opinionated Parent and sign up!
The Opinionated Parent

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Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I hope you win! I had the frumpy nursing bras, too. I'd enter but my boobs are officially retired! I linked up to the meme on my blog.